Kwoc is a one month long open source competition where you are given numerous projects and you need to work on any of them and solve their issues.

How I spend my KWOC?

Initially I checked numerous projects on KWOC website. The one that I liked the most was IIT Mandi’s project called Codemaniacs which is an online coding competition platform. Initially I cloned the project and tried to run it on my local system. Then I found issues which I can solve and then I commented on that issue that I am willing to work on this issue. After the mentor assigned me the issue, I tried to solve it and submitted the pull request.

What I learned from KWOC?

There were numerous things I learned from KWOC. The most important being Git skills. I learned how to sync up the fork with upstream repository. I learned how to revert a commit. I also learned rebasing and squashing through git.

PR’s I made